Dear South Carolina Miss Amazing Participants, 

Welcome to South Carolina Miss Amazing! We are so excited you are joining the Miss Amazing family. Our goal for you is to have the best day of your life at South Carolina Miss Amazing while making friends, having fun and gaining self-confidence. 2019 South Carolina Miss Amazing will be the biggest and best yet with a completely new format. Come celebrate with us.

Always remember that you are AMAZING, CAPABLE and CONFIDENT!


Anna Kelly, State Director




Our Story

For four years the South Carolina Miss Amazing Pageant has been celebrating the multi-faceted identities, valuable abilities and strengths of girls and women with disabilities. South Carolina Miss Amazing is so much more than a pageant. It is a platform for girls and women with disabilities to share their abilities and ambitions. It is an experience that inspires all people to empower themselves and each other. By encouraging its participants to dream big and reach their full potential, South Carolina Miss Amazing proves that the world is a much better place when the talents and ambitions of all people are celebrated and valued. South Carolina Miss Amazing is a collaborative effort made possible by our dedicated sponsors.


We offer a chance for women from different walks of life to learn from each other and develop a valuable support system.


We provide opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to test their boundaries and take on new challenges.


We provide a public platform for girls and women with disabilities to define themselves on their own terms and dispel stereotypes. 

                                                    Meet our Queens with Miss South Carolina Teen 2018