Since 2013, the South Carolina Miss Amazing events have been celebrating the multi-faceted identities and valuable abilities and strengths of girls and women with disabilities from all around the state.

South Carolina Miss Amazing is a one-day event for girls and women with disabilities to reach their full potential and to share their unique abilities, goals and dreams.  By participating in a variety of skill areas, the participants build self-confidence as well as social and communication skills.  These lessons will help them to become more actively engaged in their own communities. 

Miss Amazing believes that all people should be given the opportunity to reach their full potential and to become their best selves. In an atmosphere built around encouragement and support, Miss Amazing fosters community and encourages inclusion for individuals with disabilities. Miss Amazing brings the community together and is a day of bonding, learning, and having fun.

By encouraging our participants to dream big and reach their full potential, Miss Amazing proves that the world is a much better place when the talents and ambitions of all people are celebrated and valued.  It is an experience that inspires all people to empower themselves and each other. 

Miss Amazing Inc. was started in 2007 in Nebraska. It has since evolved into a non-profit organization and is now held in over thirty states across the country and has touched the lives of more than 1,700 girls and women with disabilities.